Rush Drops In To Visit The ‘Colbert Report’

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As expected, the boys from Canadian rock trio Rush made an appearance on Comedy Central’s Colbert Report, or as the host likes to call it, “The Colber Repor.” It was the group’s first appearance on U.S. television on over 30 years.

Those that are familiar with the program will not be surprised to hear that there was no shortage of one-liners and clever comments and questions from the host, Stephen Colbert. To their credit, the guys in the band had a few clever comments and comebacks as well.

These three guys always seem a little uncomfortable under these circumstances, and that’s probably just a testament to the many reports I have heard that they think and behave like “regular guys,” and are not known to play up the rock star role that many of their contemporaries are well known for.

For those of you who may not have access to Comedy Central, check out the clip below.

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