Rush Will Appear on Comedy Central’s ‘Colbert Report’

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In a rare U.S. television appearance, Canadian rock trio Rush will perform on the popular Comedy Central program The Colbert Report tomorrow (Wednesday, 7/16/08) at 11:30 PM EDT. The group plans to play one of their most-recognized hits, “Tom Sawyer.”

Rush has not performed on U.S. television since 1975, and this appearance is most likely a big surprise for Rush fans Rush Band who are more accustomed to the group being overlooked or even derided by many critics since they first appeared on the scene back in the 1970’s.

The long-enduring Canadians do seem to be attracting more attention lately, with a feature story in Rolling Stone magazine, with which the group has a stormy past. Then there’s the star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame that was recently approved for them. Perhaps the group, after decades of making albums and touring hard are finally being recognized for years of achievement.

Rush fans are encouraged (as if they need it) to set those VCR’s, DVD recorders and DVR’s to catch this rare television event.

The Colbert Report began life as a parody of The O’Reilly Factor on the Fox News Channel, but has evolved into something that is beginning to take on the look of a variety show, with more musical performances being incorporated into the show.

One wonders why Rush, after so many years, will show up in The Colbert Report. Could Stephen Colbert be a Rush fan? Hopefully, there will be some time for Colbert to talk to the members of the group rather than just featuring the “Tom Sawyer” performance. I’d like to hear the story-behind-the-story on this one.

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