Scorpions “We’ll Burn The Sky” Video On YouTube

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So another music fan has managed to avoid the watchful eye of concert security forces and secretly videotape one of the performances from a recent concert in Spain and, what else would they do with it but post it on YouTube where you can find just about anything.

This video actually has fairly decent sound considering the circumstances, and although a bit on the shaky side, the video is not all that bad either. One of the better video jobs I have seen under concert conditions.

My only real complaint with the video is that it does not show the drummer all that much, but that’s pretty typical for just about any concert footage and as an old drummer, I always complain about that anyway. Damn frontman always getting all the love! 🙂

 I guess if you don’t like this song (it’s not one of my favorites), at the least, this video proves that the Scorpions are still rocking and still attracting big crowds for their shows, so more power to them!

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