‘The Boss’ Will Entertain Crowd At Hog Heaven

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Harley Davidson, the motorcycle that is widely considered as the ride among motorcycle enthusiasts, is hosting a celebration in Milwaukee, where the legendary bike builders are headquartered. The celebration honors the company’s 105th anniversary, and you can be sure that many a Harley owner will be there to take part in the festivities.

As popular as Bruce Springsteen seems to be these days, there is a little concern about the possibility that he might get a little political during his time on stage at the event, where he will wrap up his current Magic tour by entertaining the crowd gathered there.Motorcycle Rally

It’s been reported that Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain received a warm welcome during a visit to a similar event back in August. Some attendees at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota were said to have revved their engines in response to some comments during McCain’s speech there. An action that is presumed to indicate their approval, I suppose.

Some of the attendees at the Harley event, that officially started Thursday, believe that Harley riders tend to be more conservative, while others disagree with that. One rider felt so strongly about Springsteen’s outspoken political views that he no longer considers himself a fan, although at one time he enjoyed Springsteen’s music.

A Harley-Davidson spokesman says that the event is a non-political one, and that the performers were chosen solely on the basis of entertainment value. Still, some wonder if a guy with political views as strong as Springsteen’s can resist making a few of his opinions known while he has the attention of a large crowd.

With attendance of the event expected to top out around 100,000, and consist of people from all over the world, it might present a tempting platform for Springsteen to do more than just play music, and nobody seems to know what the reaction from the crowd will be if he does.

I guess we’ve got about two months to go before all this political drama comes to an end and new resident is selected for White House. Until then, we’ll keep our ears open for news of any other rockers who take offence when their material is used for political purposes.

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  1. Layla August 30, 2008 at 6:18 pm

    I wondered the exact same thing when I heard of this odd pairing of Bruce and the Harley people. I have never known Bruce to keep his views to himself and he put down the current administration quite openly on this tour. I hope they are prepared for a possible problem…but I hope even more that nothing like that happens!

    Laylas last blog post..The Wallflowers

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