Wilson Sisters Faced Obstacles During Heart’s Early Years

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It’s hard to imagine these days, but sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson had to deal with their share of hardships relating to stereotypes and sinister rumors back in the early days with their band, Heart. At the time, it was not typical to see two women fronting a rock band.

In one incident, Ann relates a story in which some guy comments about how good-looking Nancy is and asks if her guitar is actually plugged in. It’s not hard to imagine the anger and image disappointment the sisters may have felt after hearing something like that from a “fan.”

There were also a few crazy rumors that went around back in the early years. I actually remember the one that linked the band’s hit song “Magic Man” with infamous killer Charles Manson and even suggested that some of the money the band was making in connection with that song was being donated towards efforts to get Manson released from prison.

Then there was the advertisement that was used by a record company to suggest that Ann and Nancy were lesbian lovers. Again, who could blame them for feeling, as Ann puts it, “pissed off,” under those circumstances?

Obviously, the Wilson Sisters were able to overcome these early obstacles and go on to have very successful careers that are still on track today with a schedule that often has them on the road touring during the summer months.

For more on Ann and Nancy Wilson check out Canada.com.


  1. mike May 27, 2013 at 8:41 pm

    i think heart is one of the best bands that have ever been around and still are.atta girls goes out to you both and your band.thanks

  2. juan November 7, 2014 at 12:54 am

    It may be almost 40 years ago that Dreamboat Annie was released, but I remember the day my friend invited me over and played the album for me. “I love this band, and just look at how cool these chicks are” he said, but continued ” there’s only one thing wrong”. He haned me the album and pointed to the lower left back corner, where, in tiny letters, it was printed thus: Proceeds of this album go to the defense of Charles Manson.

    I don’t know how many albums were printed that way, but they were printed. It came from a record store somewhere in the eastern suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. So no matter what is said, there was an alingnment with Manson at one time early on. This is why the rumors started, because enough people noticed that tiny blurb. You know, you’re stoned and looking over every inch of the album, and you can’t miss it.

  3. Mari M. March 4, 2022 at 9:17 pm

    Not true Juan. I think it was your admitted drug use pulling a fast one.

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