40 Years And No End In Sight For Rush

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The Boston Phoenix recently published and article on Canadian rock trio Rush, long one of my favorite rock groups of all time.

Although many rock fans, myself included, feel that Rush was never given the attention they deserved, they have been quite successful selling millions of albums and touring in front of their loyal fans.

Among the interesting quotes from the Phoenix article include this one: “We’re just concerned with playing well — even after 400 years of touring, we still discuss, you know, how we sucked last night, or how can we make that one song better, or with that song that we’ve played for 35 years, how the chorus could be played better. In some ways we’re overly focused on playing well, it’s the part that makes us feel best about what we do.”

As for how the group has managed to stay together for so long and seem to get along so well, they sum it up this way: “It’s nice — we don’t always agree, but we are able to, for some reason, be ridiculously considerate of each other. I don’t know, maybe it’s because our moms brought us up to be nice boys. It’s the reason we’ve been able to keep it together, to be, you know, the last working democracy.”

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