Aerosmith guitarist talks about life on the road – Mercury News

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Once a rocker, always a rocker. That’s Joe Perry, the 55-year-old Aerosmith guitarist, family man and entrepreneur (the Hard Rock Cafe sells Perry’s own Mango-Peach Tango hot sauce).

Currently on the road with Lenny Kravitz to promote the new live disc "Rockin’ the Joint," Aerosmith plans to start work on a new studio album in the spring. During a phone interview from his tour bus, Perry talked about life on the road, both as a performer and a father. Here’s what he had to say:

On Aerosmith’s current stage, which features several catwalks that extend far into the audience: "I’m a fan first, and I don’t believe good rock `n’ roll exists unless it’s in partnership with the fans. By putting ramps up into the audience and keeping the stage low, it creates such an energy and an interaction with the crowd, it’s a sum that’s greater than the parts." [more]

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