Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler Has His Say

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With all the rumors swirling around him in recent days, sidelined frontman Steven Tyler decided it was time to go public with his side of the story. With reports from inside the band about Tyler’s lack of direct contact with the other members, his decision to break his silence is a development that fans have probably been waiting for.

In a talk with Rolling Stone magazine by telephone on Monday, Tyler dismisses the rumors that have suggested the 61-year-old rocker was drinking again. He confirms that the catwalk he tumbled off of at the show in Sturgis was indeed wet from rain, and despite efforts by fans to help breaks his fall, a barricade around the catwalk prevented them from reaching him in time and he went straight to the ground.

“I stood up and couldn’t raise my arm and knew I’d broken something,” Tyler told Rolling Stone.

On the subject of the now-famous visit Tyler made recently to a Pembroke, Massachusetts liquor store, he says he was buying the wine for a gathering that followed the funeral of a friend’s brother. “Anything to sell papers,” Tyler says.

He also explained that he was sorry about the accident and was “pissed” that the tour had to end that way.  He hopes fans can forgive him. He has also apologized to the other members of the group, and says that there is no animosity among them and that things within the band are just fine. Aerosmith has no “leader,” according to Tyler and they are all equals, jokingly adding that they have probably remained together so long for that very reason.

Tyler’s decision to sign on with his own management company, separate from the one that manages the band, is something else that has led to rumors about trouble inside the group, but Tyler insists everything is fine.

“The easiest thing in the world is to say he’s drunk or stoned. But what are you gonna do?,” he says.

Like anyone else, I think Steven Tyler deserves the benefit of the doubt when faced with rumors and tabloid-style accusations. Nowhere do rumors fly faster and more furiously than in the world of celebrities. Tyler may have a point with regard to his comment about selling papers.

As far as I know, he hasn’t been seen by anyone with a bottle pressed to his famous lips, and as long as Aerosmith fans are satisfied with his performances, he’s still getting the job done whether he’s on the wagon or off.

The full interview is available at Rolling Stone.

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