Alex Lifeson Interview And South American Tour News From Rush

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Rush fans, and particularly Alex Lifeson fans will be interested to hear that the December Issue of Guitarist Magazine will feature an interview with guitar man Lifeson.

As you might expect in an interview with a guitar mag, Lifeson talks lifeson about his guitars and equipment and about the recent Snakes & Arrows tour that has recently wrapped up after a swing through Europe.

In other recent Rush happenings, the group is reported to be planning a short South American tour during April or May of 2008. The group will reportedly perform in Brazil, Argentina, Peru, and Chile.

This is great news for Rush Fans in South America. As I recall reading some time ago, the group was a bit surprised to discover just how popular they are on that continent when they toured there a few years back and maybe they feel the need to swing through there and give their dedicated fans a few good shows.

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