Alex Lifeson Talks About Rush: Past, Present And Future

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Canadian rock trio Rush has been around for quite some time. Their first album hit the airwaves in 1974 and they’ve been at it ever since. Lately, however, there seems to be a new appreciation for the group that seems a bit surprising to them after years of being practically ignored by the music media and maligned by the critics.

With 24 gold and 14 platinum records to their credit, it’s clear that Rush has not been ignored by everyone, and image enjoys an extraordinarily loyal fan base.

In a recent interview, guitarist Alex Lifeson talks about how things are going for the guys who now find themselves in the clutches of middle age (I feel their pain) and are rocking as hard as ever.

One of the most interesting comments Lifeson makes during the interview suggests that he believes the group’s best days are still ahead for them. Something that may be comforting to fans who might be worrying that these guys could be considering retirement before too long.

Most of the interview is focused on Rush’s latest album, Snakes And Arrows, which the trio is still promoting on the road with a second tour.

One might infer from the interview that Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson are a little closer to one another than they are to drummer Neil Peart, whose personality might come off as a bit stand-offish to some, and although Lifeson does admit that they have had their share of disagreements through the years, in the end they still love hanging out and playing music together — even after all these years.

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