Rush (Tries To) Play Rush

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As just about any serious Rush fan can tell you, the Canadian trio appeared recently on Comedy Central’s Colbert Report and not only performed their hit song “Tom Sawyer,” but also spent a few minutes chatting with the show’s host, Stephen Colbert.

What some fans may not know (including myself), was that Rush was also caught on camera somewhere else at the Comedy Central studio attempting to play along with “Tom Sawyer” on the video game “Rock Band.”

Of the three, guitarist Alex Lifeson seemed to take the effort most seriously and actually seemed to be trying to master the phoney Fender Stratocaster that was handed to him.

Geddy Lee seemed to enjoy the opportunity for a few laughs and perhaps even poke a little fun at himself, while drummer Neil Peart looked rather bored as he tapped along on the plastic pads that are intended to provide wannabe drummers with the opportunity to rock with the big boys.

Who could blame Peart for being bored after playing on the jumbo-sized kits he has been banging on since back in the days of 2112?

Check it out as Rush gives their best shot at impressing the virtual audience of “Rock Band.”

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