All-Girl Led Zeppelin Tribute Band Riding Wave of Popularity

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They call themselves “Lez Zeppelin,” but they fall somewhere short of forthcoming when questions are raised about the possible meaning behind the selection of such a name. I suppose that adds nicely to their mystique, which no doubt fuels more than a few fantasies in the minds of their male fans.

I don’t usually talk about tribute bands, but I have been seeing a lot of press coverage for this group lately and they must be pretty good since they earned themselves a European tour.

Personally, I would love to hear this band play. Having been a fan of Zeppelin for more years than I’d care to admit to, it would be great to see a live group play some of the legendary band’s music, and perform it well, as they seem to be doing.

I poked around on their web site, hoping to find some sound clips or video or something, but was not able to locate any. And then I realized that if I was going to find anything like that anywhere, it would be were else but YouTube.

Sure enough, there were a number of videos on YouTube of the band’s live performance (one you see linked here), and despite the lousy sound quality that you would expect from someone in a rock concert audience with a handycam, I could hear enough to determine that these gals can play.

I don’t feel qualified to comment on much other than the drummer, since that was my instrument of choice, although the guitar and bass work sounded respectable to me.

I would have to say I was impressed with the drummer’s performance and she seemed quite true to Bonham’s original performances, which is what I expect from a tribute band. I mean if you are going to do Zeppelin, do Zeppelin, and they do.

Overall, I’d say this band is worth checking out if you are a Led Zeppelin fan. It’s probably some of the best live Zeppelin music you are likely to see these days.

The bands official web site can be found here (gotta love those sexy graphic images!).

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