Australian Researchers Warn About The Dangers of Headbanging

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OK metal heads, listen up. Researchers at the University of New South Wales in the land down under have been setting their scientific sites on the phenomenon known as headbanging, and the conclusions they have reached don’t bode well for the physical well-being of the overzealous headbanger.

According to Dr. Andrew McIntosh, an average head-banging song with a tempo of 146 beats a minute could cause mild head injury when the head’s range of motion is greater than 75 degrees and the researchers say higher tempos which encourage greater ranges of motion carry a higher risk of injury.

Now I’ll be the first one to admit that I never understood headbanging and still do not. As one who has always been content to tap my foot on the floor or fingers on the table, just the thought of headbanging gives me a headache and probably a neck ache as well. Even in my younger days, the idea of whipping my head around like that made me fearful of permanent injury. Then there’s the fact that I never once felt the urge to try it.

Lord knows how guys like this can move their heads in such a fashion and continue to successfully produce music. It’s certainly something that is beyond my abilities. I’m all for headbanging or any other non-violent activity that helps music fans get into their favorite music, but be careful out there, headbangers!

For more on this research, check out News-Medical.

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