Boatload of Rush Video From ‘Retrospective 3’ on VH1 Classic Site

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This past weekend, VH1 Classic aired a special program featuring the latest release from Canadian rock trio Rush. The show, entitled Rush: Retrospective 3 Box Set Special, appropriately enough, aired on Saturday night at 10:00 PM.

rush-retrospective-3 For those who do not have access to the VH1 Classic channel (like myself), content from the special has been posted on the VH1 Classic website.

The bulk of the content is footage of Rush performances and accompanying commentary from Geddy Lee which fills in some interesting details on some well-known Rush favorites.

Lee provides some interesting background on some of their material and what inspired them to do it and also talks a little about some of the technical aspects of working in the studio and getting the sound that they want.

Considering all the albums they have done, Lee does an impressive job of recalling the details of the group’s experiences creating, recording and performing. After that many albums and tour dates, one might think it would all be a blur by now.

If, for whatever reason, you are a dedicated Rush fan who does not have your own copy of the new box set, it’s well worth your time to check out this special online.

Thanks to the Rush Is A Band blog for calling attention to this.

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