Bon Jovi Documentary In The Works

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After 25 years rocking fans the world over, the realization that they have skimped a bit on recording the group’s history has prompted Bon Jovi to take action in order to correct the situation.

Bon Jovi has recently hired renowned documentary director Barbara image Kopple to begin work on a new film that will document the group’s history and include footage of the band from the past as well as new footage that will be captured during the group’s tour that just got underway with the opening show in Omaha last night.

The group’s frontman, Jon Bon Jovi, was recently quoted as saying "I’m guilty of never having had enough film footage or photographs, simply because I kept the doors shut."

Although Jon Bon Jovi and perhaps others in the group may value their privacy more than some other celebrities, they now appear willing to give fans a little bit longer look behind closed doors by way of this new film which tells a story that they want their fans to hear.

There is no word yet on when the documentary will be completed and released to the public.

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