Cabo Wabo Radio Set To Launch New Year’s Eve

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That well-known rock wild man Sammy Hagar is planning to shake things up a little on the virtual airwaves with the launch of his new internet rock radio station.

image Named for Hagar’s hangout in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico where the partying never seems to end, Cabo Wabo Radio was built by co-founders Shadoe Stevens and Woody Nelson and, according to Hagar, will feature "high energy new rock, hot rock, cutting-edge, and classic rock around the clock."

The New Year’s Eve party that will coincide with the station’s launch will be broadcast live and will include performances by surprise guest stars and will reportedly have hundreds of special guests from around the world in attendance.

The studios that will serve as home for Cabo Wabo Radio are being constructed behind glass next to the stage at The Cantina where the station will be able to present live performances, interviews with stars and other celebrities from all over.

Potential listeners can check out more information online at Cabo Wabo Radio web site.

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