Scorpions Rock The Kremlin

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Russian President Vladimir Putin may have felt the Scorpion’s sting during a special performance at the Kremlin where Putin and a number of former KGB officials were in attendance.

Although the band may not have been given the complete story when image they agreed to perform at a function they were told would be “a very special Christmas occasion,” they managed to make their voices heard loud and clear with a performance of their hit song “Winds of Change.”

Apparently, the group was not aware that the function would be an internal Kremlin event that was intended to honor the Bolshevik founding of the secret police some 90 years ago.

Performing “Winds of Change,” a song that was written after lead singer Klaus Meine visited Moscow a number of years ago and was inspired by changes he sensed that were coming to the Communist Government, may not have been the kind of thing Putin was counting on hearing since he is quoted as saying that the break-up of the Soviet Union was “greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century.”

One thing I would be quite certain of is that Klaus Meine and Company would not be in agreement with that sentiment. Rock on, Scorpions!

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