Classic Rock Round-Up

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New Scorpions Interview

A new nine-minute video with who else by the Scorpions. Seriously, these guys surely do their share of staying in touch with fans by doing interviews. Scorpions fans who would like to hear the latest from Meine, Rudolf Schenker and Matthias Jabs can check this interview out on YouTube by following this link.

Bon Jovi Announces Canadian Fall Tour

So maybe the boys from Bon Jovi like chilly weather or something, because they have announced a fall tour of the “Great White North” that will take them to nine cities. The tour will kick off in Montreal on November 14 with it’s final date set for December 15 in Vancouver. For ticket info, you can follow this link.

Saga Drummer Has Heart Attack

Saga is not one of those bands you hear a lot about, but they are a long-time favorite of mine. I am most familiar with their work from a few years ago, so I cannot comment on the current line-up with any authority.

Anyway, their current drummer, Brian Doerer had a heart attack recently and will not be joining the band in their their upcoming “10,000 Days” tour. He will be replaced by Chris Sutherland who has been working with Kim Mitchell of late.

The recent statement from Doerer sounds like he is going well at home now and is expecting to recover fully.

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