Classic Rockers You Should Know, Part 2: Saga

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Another Canadian act occupies this slot in the "Classic Rockers You Should Know" (yeah, I know it’s been a while) series.

Saga broke onto the scene here in the U.S. with the hit single "On The Loose" from their Worlds Apart album back in the early 1980’s where I was first exposed to them on MTV. That was back in the early days of music video channels when they actually played a lot of good stuff.

I still remember seeing them on MTV for the first time and being drawn to their unique sound. To me they did not sound quite like any other band I had ever heard and I could not take my eyes off the screen. There was something very captivating about their performance.

It’s rather difficult to pigeon hole them into any particular style or genre, I might personally classify it as something like "Theatrical Progressive Rock."

Saga’s popularity in the U.S. was short-lived and the single "The Flyer" was their final hit here. During 1987, after drummer Steve Negus and keyboardist Jim Gilmour left the group, they released Wildest Dreams, which spawned a single entitled "Only Time Will Tell," that was a hit in Canada and picked up a little airtime on MTV for a short time.

During 1993 Negus and Gilmour returned to the band and they later released The Security of Illusion, which was followed by Steel Umbrellas, and did not do as well as the previous album, which some attribute to the fact that the music on the album was originally produced for a television series called Cobra, which did not last long.

In 1995 Saga seemed to get back on track and released Generation 13, which some have compared to the sound of fellow Canadians Rush or Kansas in their early years — two of my all-time favorite classic acts.

My personal collection of Saga albums ends with Full Circle from 1999, so I cannot speak for their work following that, but the band endured more changes in 2005 when drummer Steve Negus was replaced by Brian Doerner.

In 2007, lead singer Michael Sadler left the band, saying he wanted to retire from the road and spend more time with his family, but the band continued and began the search for a new lead singer.

During April, the named hired Rob Moratti as their new lead vocalist and planned to begin touring this summer. So far, according to their official website, the only performance so far this year was on June 20th at the Old Roxy Theatre in Mount Forest, Ontario. The website also indicates that "more shows will be added soon."

Although my familiarity with Saga is limited to their earlier work, and I have not had the opportunity to hear how they sound with new frontman Rob Moratti, there is an extensive collection of great music that endures the test of time and still stands out as one of the most unique-sounding rock acts I have heard.

My personal collection consists of the following albums: Saga (1978), Images at Twilight (1979), Silent Knight (1980),  Worlds Apart (1981), Heads or Tales (1983), Behaviour (1985), The Security of Illusion (1993), Steel Umbrellas (1994), Generation 13 (1995), Pleasure & the Pain (1997), Phase One (1997), Full Circle (1999) and Trust (2006).

Saga has enjoyed continued popularity in Germany and Puerto Rico throughout their career and have a very loyal base of fans in both countries. A 1981 concert in Puerto Rico resulted in a riot when fans tried to gain access to a sold out show.

It would be interesting if some classic rock radio stations would try giving some of this stuff a spin and see what kind of reaction they got. Maybe they would find out that I am the only Saga fan in the country, or, maybe not.

Below are a couple of videos that I managed to find on YouTube that will give those who have not heard them a chance to get a feel for their sound. I’m doubtful that they sound quite as good as they did before the departure of Moratti, but I will certainly give the latest incarnation of the group a listen if I get a chance.

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  1. Layla August 4, 2008 at 11:41 pm

    This brought back some memories! I think they may have been an opening act to a concert I saw back then…not sure. But I have always liked the song.

    Laylas last blog post..Changed Things Up a Bit

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    • Real Rock News February 15, 2011 at 11:22 pm

      That’s very interesting! Will have to check them out!

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