Torn Between Two Lovers: Ron Wood Can’t Seem To Make Up His Mind

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Recent word suggested that Rolling Stone Ron Wood was banned from contact with both his wife and his alleged girlfriend, 18, 19 or 20-year-old (depending on which news source you read) Ekaterina Ivanova. Well into his 6-week stay in rehab, it was thought that talking with either his wife or girlfriend might not be the best thing for his rehabilitation.

Apparently, Wood has decided to flaunt the rules and arranged for a visit by his Russian girlfriend. Ivanova was Ron Wood And Wife Jo reportedly supplied with a car and a chauffeur in order to facilitate her visits to the 61-year-old rocker where the Wood was said to have introduced his new love interest to everyone as his girlfriend.

The couple was also said to have locked themselves in the library for a time during her visit before going outside to smoke a cigarette, after which Ivanova was driven back to her hotel. Wood’s probably picking up the tab for that as well.

Wood is apparently in the throes of quite a dilemma, and has proclaimed his love for both Ivanova and his 53-year-old wife of 23 years, Jo. He’s said to have told Joe that he loves both her and Ivanova and is not able to choose between them.

In addition to being treated for alcohol and drug addictions, Wood is also said to be receiving treatment for a sex addiction. I guess that helps explain the new girlfriend.

Wood’s stint in rehab is set to end in about two weeks, and he will likely be facing an ultimatum from one or both of his lovers. After 23 years with his wife, it’s unlikely that she’ll fade quietly into the background. I don’t know how divorce law works on the U.K, but of Paul McCartney’s nearly $50 million dollar settlement is any indication, Wood could be headed down the road towards putting a bit of a dent in his bank account.

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