Def Leppard Hoping To Find The Right Mix For Tour Set List

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When it comes to selecting songs to play on their tour which begins this week, British rockers Def Leppard know that fans what to hear the oldies and may not appreciate hearing too much material of their forthcoming new album, Songs From The Sparkle Lounge.

def-leppard Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen is quoted in Rolling Stone recently, saying that he would expect the audience to walk out if the group added too much new material to their set list. “You’d really like to go out there and play all your new shit off the new record, but you can’t do that, because they’d walk out,” Collen says.

There are plans to add a few of the new songs to the set list for the tour, but it is obvious that they are being careful to avoid putting too much emphasis on the new stuff when compared to their bread and butter tracks from years gone by that the fans expect to hear.

Sounding a bit bored with the same old songs, Collen talks about how the band would sit on the couch watching TV while they played their instruments through tiny amplifiers. “It’s a real drag rehearsing these songs we’ve done a million times, and there’s no audience there, so it’s a bit like pulling teeth,” he says.

In other Def Leppard news, there are rumors saying that the popular video game “Guitar Hero” will feature some Def Leppard music. “Guitar Hero 4” will reportedly feature at least three well-known Def Leppard tracks: Photograph, Animal and Rock of Ages.

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