Def Leppard To Rock Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Sorry, I can never hear the name Jimmy Kimmel without thinking of the legendary “Man Show.” Some of the stuff he and co-host Adam Corolla got away on that show were was just hilarious. I had some good belly laughs a few years back in front of that show late at night after my wife had gone to bed.

Anyway, now that Jimmy is all grown up and hosting his very own chat show, he’s actually managed to break some news worthy of inclusion on these very pages!

Jimmy is hosting the 80’s super rockers Def Leppard on his show in a little over a week’s time. The performance will take place outdoors on June 15, starting around 7:00 p.m. Pacific Time and will be in the air later that night at the usual time.

If you are a Def Leppard fan you may want to set up your DVR or Tivo or whatever to catch that show. Assuming, that is, that you are too old to stay up that late like some of us used to do (the Man Show was worth it) in our younger days.

You can read all the details regarding this performance here.

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