Faces Ready For 2010 Tour Without Rod Stewart

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Yet another classic act from days gone by have finally announced their intentions to embark on a tour next year. One major factor holding up a Faces tour that has been talked about for a while was Rod Stewart’s reluctance to make a decision about joining his old band mates or doing something else.

According to Rolling Stone, Stewart has finally decided that he would rather do other things and will not be joining the Faces on tour. This has freed up the other members of the group to move forward and begin planning their 2010 tour.

Showing what may have been a bit of frustration on the part of the other members of the group, keyboardist Ian McLagan stated: “If we don’t do it very soon, one of us is gonna check out. We’ve been waiting and waiting for Rod to say yes; now he’s finally said no. He’s busy doing other shit. So we’re gonna do it.”

Will this news send Rod Stewart impersonators scrambling for their video cameras and posting their best performances on YouTube? It seems to be the happening place these days for classic groups to go in search of replacement singers.

With Stewart busy promoting his own album with a tour that is scheduled to run into next year, it’s a scenario that brings back memories of that long series of Led Zeppelin reunion rumors that erupted after the surviving members of the group performed at London’s O2 Arena with Jason Bonham nearly two years ago.

At various times it was said that Robert Plant was unable to take part in a reunion tour due to his commitment to tour with Alison Krauss in support of their new album. Despite all the rumored reasons for Plant’s inability to tour with his old band mates, the tour never came to pass and the rumors have died down.

Like Journey without Steve Perry or Yes without Jon Anderson, the idea of the Faces without the signature sound of Rod Stewart may have some fans disappointed, but like the aforementioned groups, a Faces tour will probably fill a lot of seats in whatever venues they put on their itinerary nonetheless.

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