Aerosmith Uncertainty Continues

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Many fans may have concluded that the drama that has been playing out within the ranks of Aerosmith in recent months was over and that frontman Steven Tyler had kissed and made up with the rest of the guys. After all, he did make a surprise appearance on stage in New York City with the Joe Perry Project and boldly announced that he had no plans to leave Aerosmith.

Does that mean Tyler will not be taking some time off? Perhaps not, and if comments attributed to Joe Perry by the Boston Herald are on the money, Tyler’s appearance – and we presume his words – meant nothing. According to Perry Tyler wants to take a couple of years off from Aerosmith and “do some of whatever he wants to do.”

Perry insists that Aerosmith will keep on working, whether Tyler is present or not. “The band is a really well-oiled machine, and we’re going to work one way or another, and I don’t know what form that’s going to take,” said Perry.

If that turns out to be the case, the Steven Tyler wannabes out there may want to start those video cameras rolling and post their “audition” tapes on YouTube. It worked for Arnel Pineda and Benoit David.

Meanwhile, Perry is working to dispel some rumors that surfaced after his group canceled a gig in Connecticut. A spokesman for the venue where the show as scheduled, “Toad’s Place,” in New Haven, said that they were told that the entire tour had been scrubbed.

Perry took to his Twitter account to set the record straight, saying, “JPP is not canceling the tour.It’s going strong. We are In process of adding dates the end Jan throughout Canada in Jan too.”

It appears Perry’s point was proven on Friday night when he and his group took the stage at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom in New Hampshire. Speculation about the future of Perry’s main gig continued, with fans expressing their opinions on the subject.

As reported on Seacoast Online, fan opinion varied. When asked whether they thought Steve Tyler would make another surprise appearance at the show, reaction varied from “That’d be pretty cool.” to “I really don’t care if he shows up or not. Joe Perry is the band.”

Why Tyler decided to make the surprise appearance with Perry’s group in NYC is not clear. Even Perry was reported to be completely surprised by it, and admitted that Tyler was the last person he expected to see that night. Perhaps Tyler was just trying to put fans at ease by announcing that he has not plans to leave Aerosmith, but that does not seem to be a guarantee that fans will have a chance to see the group perform together again anytime soon.

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