Fox Serves Up ‘Meat Loaf’ on Tonight’s Episode of House

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I’ll admit I’m a pretty dependable fan of the Fox television show House. Beside the fact that I have always been fascinated by medical mysteries, the one thing I really find refreshing about the show is that the main character is such a jerk. Sure, it may be more complicated than that, but that would take us a little too far off course for the purposes of a site devoted to classic rock.

Anyway, I just love the whole idea of a show about a doctor who also happens to act like an ass much of the time. It’s more like real life, and oh so not Dr. Kildaire or Dr. Lochner from Medical Center. Yeah, those two go back a ways, but to be honest, Medical Center is the only one I really can remember.

As last week’s show ended and Fox rolled the preview for this week’s episode of House, I saw a familiar face on the screen. Obviously portraying a patient of the notoriously grumpy physician, I saw an actor that I thought I recognized. “Is that Meat Loaf?,” I remember thinking to myself. Yes, indeed it was.

The Bat Out of Hell rocker is already known for his acting abilities and has appeared in both The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Fight Club. This time he’s managed to land himself a spot on his favorite television show, and despite his previous acting experience and years rocking in front of live audiences, he reports that he was quite nervous about his role on House.

“I love House. I love Hugh. I love his character on the show,” said Meat Loaf. “I was so excited and very nervous, I might add. I was very nervous because I love the show so much. If I didn’t like the show and I never watched it, I probably wouldn’t have been so nervous. I get nervous every time I go onstage. I’m a nervous person.”

He also honors House star Hugh Laurie by referring to him as his favorite actor, and apparently, his admiration for Laurie does not end there. Having heard Laurie play piano in the past, Meat Loaf actually invited him to play on one of the tracks that will be included on his next album. Laurie was obviously honored and agreed immediately.

To prepare for his role on House, Meat Loaf admits that he studied the performance of Ted Danson who also portrayed some who was sick on the television show Damages. He was very impressed with Danson’s ability to look like a sick person, and I guess House fans (myself included) will find out tonight how well Meat Loaf pulled off acting like a sick guy.

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