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The “Motor City Madman” is building an e-mail mailing list and he’s offering up a free tune for fans who decide to sign on. Nugent, often a lightning rod for controversy due to his outspoken views on hunting, guns, politics and probably just about anything else he talks about, appears to be making an effort to stay current with the Facebook generation and get folks plugged in to his electronic medium.

Nugent’s new track, I Still Believe, is the one that’s up for grabs for fans who wish to see Ted’s updates in their in-box.

According to the man himself, “America is a target-rich environment for an independent man addicted to logic, truth and The American Way. I Still Believe throttles the animal spirit of rugged individualism in pure Motor City ultra hi-energy rhythm & blues and rock & roll.”

Now if that doesn’t sound like The Nuge, I don’t know what does.

The Ted Nugent mailing list will reportedly, “keep you up to date Ted’s maneuvers and everything happening at”

I expect that the content of his newsletters will also contain a healthy dose of Ted’s opinions on various topics he’s well known for his strong feelings on. As Ted would probably say, this is still America, and folks still have a right to air their views with all those who care to listen.

Love him or hate him, it doesn’t look like Ted Nugent is going away anytime soon.

Nugent’s first two gigs of the year are scheduled for April 15th (wonder why he would pick that date?) at Nutty Jerry’s in Winnie, Texas, which will be followed the very next day by a show at Lone Star Park in – you guessed it! – Grand Prairie, TX.

Those wishing to jump onto Ted’s e-mail newsletter mailing list can sign up here.

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  1. Brent Tryon October 27, 2012 at 12:25 am

    Uncle Ted is awesome. I think he is mental awesome in a great way

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