Jon Anderson Returning To The Stage

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It seems like forever since we heard that Yes frontman Jon Anderson has been battling serious health problems. Although Yes has been touring with an “understudy” in Anderson’s place, many fans feel that Yes is simply not Yes without the presence of Jon Anderson.

Anderson appears to be on the winning side of his long struggle with health issues and has announced via his Facebook page that he will soon be performing again. Anderson wrote:image

“zoooooooom, 6th of June, I will be doing a solo show here at ‘Mongo’s in Grover Beach to celebrate my ‘Honey’ Janee’s birthday, weeeeeee…then I will be doing some shows this summer in Europe, more like a vacation, with one show every week…and maybe some shows on the east coast at the end on August….I feel more healthy everyday, and thanks to you peeps out there, realize YES music needs a voice….I’m ready…..”

If Anderson’s writing style is any indication of his current mood, it certainly appears that he is very excited about performing again, and although it looks like he will be taking it slow for a while, this is a huge step forward for someone whose health troubles were described as “serious.”

No word yet on whether Anderson will join up with his band mates from Yes, but I’m sure that’s something that cannot be ruled out. Original member Chris Squire has made it clear that Anderson will be welcomed back into the fold as soon as his health will allow.

Fan reaction on Anderson’s Facebook page since the announcement about two weeks ago has been very positive, with many encouraging and congratulatory replies posted in response.

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