Def Leppard Seeks Best Lip-Synching Vocalists And ‘Air’ Musicians

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Here’s a chance for Def Leppard fans to score tickets to one of their shows along with a backstage pass and chance to meet the band. If you’re not comfortable doing something that might feel a bit silly, and be on display for just about anyone in the world to see, this contest may not be for you, however.

The veteran British rockers have recently announced their “ and YouTube Lip-Synching Event.” Despite the name that was chosen for the contest, it is also open to those who prefer to demonstrate their enthusiasm for the group by playing their favorite ‘air’ instrument. Air guitarists, drummers and bassists are invited to enter.

A total of ten winners will be selected from the fans who are confident enough to line themselves up in front of a video camera and deliver their best faux performance of any Def Leppard song they choose. Contestants will then be required to upload their videos to YouTube to be judged.

Contestants should probably be prepared to be judged not just by Def Leppard, but by anyone else who happens to view their video entry on the wildly-popular video sharing site, unless they select the option to disable comments when the video is posted.

Prospective contestants should also take time to read the official rules of the contest, which do include some interesting conditions that are worthy of consideration. For example:

“Each winner will get two tickets and a backstage experience for one Def Leppard show…”

”Backstage experience will include a backstage tour by one of the band’s crew members, but does not necessarily include a meeting with all five band members.”

“By entering the contest and submitting your video, you agree that owns the sole rights to your video and is allowed to use it (in part or in full) in any format or media outlet for promotional purposes.”

That last one sounds a bit like the agreement that contestants on American Idol must be required to sign before they step foot in the room with the judges for the very first time.

All the contest details and more rules can be viewed at the Def Leppard website.

The following video may provide some inspiration for aspiring air musicians.


    • Real Rock News June 1, 2009 at 10:28 pm

      Yeah, I’m sure some of them will get pretty creative and pull out all the stops.

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