Jon Bon Jovi To Run For Governor?

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The celebrity newswire is buzzing with rumors of a possible run for New Jersey Governor by rocker Jon Bon Jovi.

image Among the circumstances fueling this speculation are Bon Jovi’s recent hiring of public relations guru Ken Sunshine, his refusal to give up his house in New Jersey (despite the fact that he has moved to New York) and his frequent appearances at fundraising events in support of big-name Democrats.

I also can’t help but wonder if his recent admission about selling drugs in his younger days could be an effort to sweep the skeletons from the closet before some political opponent dug up that particular patch of dirt to use against him during a campaign.

Considering that the New York-New Jersey area is a long-time Democratic stronghold, a celebrity as liberal as Bon Jovi seems to be might just have a good shot at The Garden State’s top job. If action-adventure actor Arnold can get elected in California, why not a rock star in New Jersey?

There’s also the "hunk factor," that could help Bon Jovi with certain elements of the female vote.

For his part, Bon Jovi denies that he is considering a run for governor. His newly-hired P.R. man says that the rocker won’t be giving up his music any time soon since his day job is going too well.

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