Latest Rock Spat Puts David Coverdale And Joe Lynn Turner At Odds

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Referring to Joe Lynn Turner as a “daft bugger” and “total prick,” David Coverdale is clearly not happy about allegations coming from the former Rainbow frontman accusing Coverdale of lip-synching during live performances.

According to Coverdale, the lip-synching rumors started on the internet last year in Spain when Whitesnake was touring with Alice Cooper and have refused to die off. “I do not, have not and will not use tapes of my voice to mime in concert. My band and I perform and sing live in concert. Yeah… we’re that f—ing good!,” Coverdale said recently.

In order to disprove the rumors, a journalist was invited to join the group’s sound man at his station in front of the stage during a show in Germany.

The comments from the German journalist seemed to throw water on the allegations of lip-synching and quoted sound man Bradley Johnson regarding Coverdale’s unusual technique, which involves holding his microphone further away from his mouth than most other singers.

Coverdale’s technique results in a particularly challenging situation according to Johnson, who says that, “I work extremely hard to accommodate David’s mic technique. I endeavour to make every syllable and nuance of his vocal heard no matter how far the microphone strays from the sweet spot.”

Summing it all up, Johnson had the following comment: “Getting a vocal mic audible over a juggernaut guitar rig when it is three feet from a singers mouth is no small task. Some nights I win, some nights I do not. As far as running tracks live… ludicrous.”

Below is video reported to be from a Whitesnake show in Barcelona last summer that has some nice close-up footage of Coverdale. Lip-synching? Seems unlikely, but viewers can judge for themselves.

For more on this story, see Classic Rock Magazine.


  1. TheodoreLAX April 18, 2009 at 2:07 am

    What’s all the fuss about??? Really folks!!!
    COME ON!!!
    As for the Barcelona clip… It’s quite OBVIOUS that Coverdale isn’t “lip-synching….
    So there’s a bit of reverb as he turns his back to the audience at the point where a high note flows into a guitar riff….SO F-ING WHAT???
    HOw old is DAvid Coverdale?? I really don’t know, but at least in his 50’s i would guess…give the guy a break!!! Touring with material that’s mostly 20 or more years old can be challenging for any band…But it’s the vocalist who has the most pressure to sound as they did in younger days…
    Screw the rumour-mill bugger bastards, i say….
    And (NO dISRESPECT), but i’m not even a Whitesnake fan…
    KUDOS to COVERDALE, though!!! P.S. Hey David, are you and Page still friendly? I miss Jimmy!!!

  2. Alex July 17, 2009 at 5:01 am

    I’ve been singing in the italian whitesnake tribute band for years and I can guarantee…when singers tape their voice they use to be wayyyyyyyy more in tune that how Dave sounds in this video…he sound pretty weird and pitchy here and there…so Id definitely go for it not being taped at all…


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