Led Zeppelin Reissues Coming This Fall

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According to Billboard, there are some new Zeppelin reissues on the horizon.

Coming in November will be the first reissue, this one called Mothership, which is a two disk, 24-track “best of” reissue. This one will be available in both deluxe and collector’s editions and has tracks that represent all eight of the group’s studio albums.

zep-srts A week or two later, a re-release of the band’s 1976 soundtrack from The Song Remains The Same, will hit the stores with previously unreleased material as well as a new DVD edition of the controversial concert film and some bonus interview material and other goodies.

The DVD will feature, for the first time, all 14 songs from the original concert and be made available in HD-DVD and Blu-ray disk.

The Billboard piece goes on to fuel the Led Zeppelin reunion rumors a bit by calling reader’s attention to the possibility that all this reissue activity might be an indicator of a reunion act at the proposed Ahmet Ertegun tribute concert this fall in London.

There is also mention of offers that the group (the original members plus Jason Bonham) is considering for a 2008 tour under the Zeppelin banner.

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