Mick Jagger Dodged Hell’s Angels Assassination Attempt

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In 1969 the Hell’s Angels were pretty well known as a group you did not want to mess with. Not as much about the notorious motorcycle group is heard these days, but I suspect they are still the sort you don’t want to be on the bad side of.

In those early years, the Rolling Stones has been using members of the Hell’s Angels for security during their concerts, and perhaps paying them well for their services.

At some point, the Stones decided to put a stop to the practice of using image Hell’s Angels for security and that, apparently, did not sit too well with at least some members of the biker gang.

A new documentary from the BBC is saying that the Hell’s Angels decided to kill Jagger over the loss of their security gig.

The decision by the Stones to stop using the bikers was reportedly related to an incident at a free concert in California that resulted in the death of an 18-year-old concert goer.

The BBC report goes on to say that the assassination was to be carried out at Jagger’s vacation home in Long Island, New York. The plot involved traveling by boat to Jagger’s home and was apparently called off when the would-be assassins were tossed overboard during a storm while en route to Jagger’s residence. They all managed to survive the ordeal but seemed to abandon the idea of killing Jagger after that.

It is not clear whether Jagger was made aware of the assassination plot at the time, but I guess there is no doubt about whether he knows about it now.

It’s hard to say whether the plot would have succeeded had it not been for that fateful storm, but it appears that Jagger may be alive today because of it.

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