Cocaine & Infidelity: Tales From Eddie Van Halen’s Ex

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Actress Valerie Bertinelli is coming clean in her new book entitled Losing It: And Gaining My Life Back One Pound At A Time. That seems to be the intent anyway.

valerie-bertinelli-book Whether or not the book is a genuinely cathartic exercise or a way to cash in on tales from a celebrity marriage is something only she knows and something ex-husband does not seem to be saying much about — at least not publicly.

Among other confessions, Bertinelli tells of how both her and husband-to-be, Eddie Van Halen, each clutched vials of cocaine as they filled out paperwork necessary to get married. She went on to say that “Those aren’t two people who should be making decisions about the rest of their lives.”

In recent weeks she has also talked about the couple’s infidelity, confessing that both her and Van Halen were unfaithful during their 20-year marriage. There seems to be some confusion over who cheated first and Bertinelli says she does not know for sure. Van Halen, for his part, claims it was Bertinelli that cheated first.

Then there’s the story of their wedding night where she says that she passed out on the bed while still wearing her gown while Van Halen fell asleep in the bathroom. Presumably due to the consumption of too much alcohol or too many drugs, or perhaps both.

Divorced last year, the couple have one son, Wolfgang, who is currently on tour with his father as the new Van Halen bass player.

Bertinelli has been making appearances on television talk shows recently, including a visit to the Oprah Winfrey Show.

By the way, if you’re hoping to have a shot at the now-single 47-year-old actress, don’t bother unless you like eating garlic. Word has it that she split with one-time love interest Steven Spielberg when she discovered he does not like garlic.

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