Mistake Led To Removal of YouTube Led Zeppelin Videos

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Quick action on the part of YouTube to remove fan videos from the O2 Show recently was the result of an overzealous watchdog company who believed they were acting in the best interest of Warner Music Group.

A company known as GrayZone offers monitoring services to copyright holders in an effort to have content removed from the Internet when it is in violation of their client’s copyright.

In this case, GrayZone acted on behalf of Warner Music Group, or perhaps I should say that they thought they were acting on behalf of Warner Music Group when they ordered YouTube to remove them.

Warner Music Group, however, made no such request to have the videos removed. Perhaps the marketers are Warner are smarter than this incident led me to believe, and they realize that a bunch of poor-quality fan videos will probably just fuel the appetite of Zep fans for a high-quality, professionally done DVD of the show which is probably being prepared for release in the near future.

A recent statement from GrayZone reads as follows: “GrayZone regrets that it erroneously issued takedown notices to YouTube regarding footage of Led Zeppelin’s December 10th concert. We acted without authorisation from the band or Warner Music Group.”

I wonder how pissed off Warner Music Group might have been about this. Not only did it result in the videos being taken down and perhaps slightly dampen the buzz around the event, it also made Warner Music Group look like the “bad guy” and may have damaged their reputation a bit in the minds of fans who would like to buy a DVD or CD of the event.


  1. Deep Purple fan December 25, 2007 at 9:53 am

    Who gives a shit ? Page sucks anyway- who wants their mind controlled by Crowley-influenced occult songs ? Page sucks, and has sucked for 27 years now.

    Infamous For: Stories of Zeppelin’s on-tour debauchery have attained mythical proportions. Amidst the drunken Bonzo stories of trashed hotels and mudshark hijinks, on one tour, Jimmy apparently kept a 14 year-old girl locked in his hotel room — for much of the tour — as his personal plaything. It’s been said he toured with a whip locker among his personal luggage. He was into the occult enough that he bought and lived in Aleister Crowley’s mansion. Following Bonzo’s death and Zep’s demise, Jimmy’s substance abuse and addictions became crippling. Horrendous gigs with the Firm where he sounded out-of-tune and played terribly. Always thin even in good health, Jimmy became a walking candy apple in the mid 80s. His puffy, bloated head perched atop a stick-like body. His complexion was gray, and he always seemed to be sweating way too much. He looked unhealthier than Keith Richard — and that’s saying a lot.

    Chops: You’ll hear guitarists tell you all the time: Jimmy Page is a sloppy player. And he is. This is no news to Jimmy, by the way. He admits it freely. He was never one to worry much about leaving mistakes in either. There’s a zillion guys out there who can shred Page under the table.

    Jimmy is clearly not the player he was in his prime.

    Coinciding with the death of Zeppelin and Jimmy’s downward spiral into substance abuse, his lead chops really deteriorated. He was positively painful to listen to in the mid 80s with the Firm. He couldn’t even seem to play in tune. Live Aid, the Atlantic Records gig, showed a Page struggling through Zeppelin classics like a guy who’d only been playing guitar a year. For those of us who had idolized the man, it was awful to see what he’d become. 1993’s Coverdale Page, and Jimmy’s subsequent reunion with Robert Plant proved that Jimmy can still get it done. But I won’t B.S. you. These days, as a lead player, Jimmy’s chops are about 30% of what they were at their peak (between Led Zeppelin IV and Presence).

    Consistency: Jimmy’s consistency started to go south around the time of the drug abuse — In Through the Out Door, which was not up to the standard of the albums that preceded it. But when John Bonham died on Jimmy’s couch after 40 shots of vodka, Jimmy life changed forever. He stopped playing, became a recluse, and slipped further into abyss. The Firm was largely considered a debacle by most Page fans. People called Coverdale Page a Zep rip-off. Unfortunately, their follow-up attempt to create new music — Walking in to Clarksdale was god-awful.

    Nostalgia: These days, Jimmy only seems interested in playing his old songs. Since Plant doesn’t seem too interested in playing them anymore, Jimmy hooked with the Black Crows to have an outlet to play them again. A live album was recorded, but who cares? Who needs to hear that when you have the originals? Frankly, I’d much rather see him work with Coverdale again on something new. Worse, the ultimate indignity was having to endure Pee Dribble shout the wrong words over Kashmir. Way to go Jimmy.

  2. RealRockNews December 25, 2007 at 11:42 am

    “Who gives a shit?”

    As someone with so much to say about Led Zeppelin, you obviously do!

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