More Details on Aerosmith Lawsuit

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One of the attorneys on the legal team that has filed a class action lawsuit against Aerosmith on behalf of angry fans in Hawaii is speaking out and providing some details with regard to the lawsuit.

Attorney Brandee Faria states that fans in this case have lost more than would be expected under more normal circumstances. The concert, which was planned for Maui, where only 11 percent of the state’s population resides, created more than the usual travel challenges for fans planning to attend.

According to Faria, this resulted in fans losing far more than the cost of the tickets due to airfare, hotel and car rental expenses.

It is also alleged that Aerosmith canceled the show in favor of a more profitable one that they performed at in Chicago. Furthermore, Faria states that the group "provided no reason at all" when they first canceled and later claimed that logistical problems moving equipment to Hawaii was the cause of the cancellation.

What I found most interesting was Faria’s claim that there were no standard disclaimers on the tickets that inform the ticket holder that the group reserved the right to cancel or reschedule the event.

It is reported that the tickets simply have a notice on the front that reads "No Refunds/ Exchanges,’" and that the show will be performed "Rain or Shine" and on the back it reads "Positively No Refunds."

There is also an allegation that Aerosmith was on Hawaii just a short while after the date of the canceled show to play at a private show for Toyota.

It sure will be interesting to see how this one plays out. Like most other proceedings of this nature, it is likely to be a good long while before it is settled however.

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