Neil Peart’s Post-tour Update

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Now that the Snakes & Arrows tour has come to an end, Rush drummer and lyricist Neil Peart has taken some time to share another lengthy update with his readers.

Peart, someone who appears to have a love-hate relationship with touring surely sounds like he is happy to be home again. I, for one, certainly cannot fault him for that, and I wonder how he manages to pull it all off. Between the long-distance travel, motorcycle rides and exhausting concert performances, I’m in awe of the man’s robust constitution.

It’s interesting to learn about all the little behind-the-scenes events that make touring a bit less pleasant than us fans might expect it to be.

Who would expect that Neil Peart is on stage dealing with pain in both index fingers and having to adjust the grip on his sticks to make it a bit more bearable?

Not to mention a big toe that ached for a time, a persistent ear infection that dogged him throughout the entire tour and a crown that came loose in his mouth and forced him to exercise more than the usual amount of caution when eating.

It’s nice to see that Peart is so willing to share some of those experiences from the road that help us all see that rock stars are just as human as the rest of us.

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