New York Teacher Rocks Class With Bon Jovi

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In what could surely considered an unusual teaching aide, a fourth grade teacher in Westbury, New York is using material from Bon Jovi to teach her students English.

Roxanne Basandella, a teacher at the Drexel Avenue School is a long-time fan of the classic rock group and has found a way to combine her love for their music with her career as a teacher.

Basandella analyzes the lyrics from the group’s songs with her class, checking for correct grammar as well as other things that an English teacher would be looking for, I suppose.

The fun part — apparently for both Basandella and her students — comes when the all sing and dance together.

As unconventional as this seems for an English class, it seems to be working. The kids love it and the teacher gets to sing and dance along with her favorite music at work.

Basandella’s unique teaching methods have also found favor with an organization called the New York State English Council which has rewarded her with the 2007 Elementary School Teacher of the Year award.

Nicely done, Ms. Basandella. It’s always nice to see someone introducing classic rock to the youngsters!

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