Peoria Fans Want Their AC/DC

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I suppose Peoria is one of those places with kind of a funny name that prompts people to make fun of the city of around 100,00 people that sits in central Illinois. However, the AC/DC fans that inhabit the area are quite serious about their desire to have their favorite rock group add their city to their itinerary and drop by for a show.

It’s been about 25 years since AC/DC entertained the people of Peoria during the Flick of The Switch tour in 1983. That’s back when “Every Breath You Take” by The Police (which seemed to be played every 10 minutes or so in the Boston area market at the time) and Men At Work’s “Down Under” were regulars on rock radio. It’s been a while.

Now from the way these folks are dressed in this video (with the exception of the young dancers on the stage), it looks like a pretty chilly day in Peoria when this rally took place. The average January temperature for Peoria is 21 degrees. Coming out to listen to AC/DC music and hold up signs in that kind of weather certainly shows some dedication. They even had a mock cannon on stage!

The event, which was apparently organized by two local radio stations appears to have brought out a decent number of fans, many of whom also signed a petition in an effort to persuade the Aussie hard rockers to bring their act to the city. Whether or not the fellows in the band decide the effort was worth making an extra stop on the current tour is anyone’s guess. There will be some mighty disappointed fans in Peoria if they decide to pass them by.

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