Perry And Kramer Discuss Aerosmith’s Future

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The rumors and speculation about the future of Aerosmith seem to be dying down and more positive signs are emerging that the Bad Boys From Boston are not headed for a split. Guitarist Joe Perry caused a stir when he made some remarks about frontman Steven Tyler and revealed that he had not spoken with Tyler in weeks. There were even some crazy rumors that Tyler’s fall from the stage in Sturgis, ND had resulted in his death!

There was also some mystery surrounding the decision made by Tyler to hire his own management, separate from the group’s management, which also lead to speculation about a rift between Tyler and the rest of the group.

Joey Kramer & Joe PerryMore recently, comments from Perry and Drummer Joey Kramer indicate that the group has plans to continue on as soon as circumstances permit. The break in Tyler’s shoulder is described by Perry as an unusual one which may require the insertion of a pin to heal completely.

When asked about the relationship between himself and Tyler, Perry said that he considers Tyler to be his “brother,” whom he has been playing music with for 40 years. “Of course we’ve all fallen off the stage at one time or another,” Perry said in apparent defense of Tyler. “Maybe twice in some cases.”

Perry clearly sees no end in sight for Aerosmith in the near future and says that the group, “Maybe we have three more records in us. Maybe we have five, (and) seven years of touring.”

Although working for that many more years would push many of the group’s members close to 70 years of age, that’s something that does not seem to be stopping Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts from rocking on at 68 years of age. Recent rumors of Watts’ retirement surfaced but were quickly denied.

Joey Kramer, the man behind the drums for Aerosmith is still doing book signings, but has also taken time to do interviews which seem to reinforce comments that Perry has made regarding the band’s future.

Kramer’s book may or may not be a “tell all” version of his life, but certainly contains some content that may not be flattering to certain other members of the band. Concerned with Steven Tyler’s reaction to some of the revelations in the book, Kramer states that Tyler is just fine with anything as long as it is the truth.

Kramer expects the band to continue working on their new album once they finish up their two-show visit to Hawaii next month. It has also been revealed recently that Aerosmith is booked along with Beyonce to perform at the Formula 1 auto races in Abu Dhabi that starts with practice and qualifying runs on the last two days of October with the race scheduled for November 1st.

As far as the group’s plans after the live dates are wrapped up this year, Perry says that as far as he’s concerned, the group will be working on the new album in late spring and planning a fall tour. Perry expects that band mates Joey Kramer, Brad Whitford and Tom Hamilton would be in agreement with that scenario.

For more on Joe Perry’s comments visit the Boston Herald and for more on Joey Kramer visit Back Stage Axxess.

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