‘Rolling Stones Radio’ Returns To SIRIUS

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Just in time to celebrate the release of Martin Scorsese’s new film featuring the Rolling Stones, SIRIUS Satellite Radio is brining “Rolling Stones Radio” back on the air for a month.

Readers may be aware that I have been a fan of SIRIUS ever since I rolling-stones-logo discovered it being carried on my Dish Network programming package a few years ago. The lack of commercials that plague terrestrial radio endlessly was the main reason I enjoyed listening to SIRIUS.

The new Scorsese film, Shine A Light, will open in “selected cities” on April 4, while “Rolling Stones Radio” will come to life on SIRIUS channel 12 tomorrow, March 18 with a scheduled end date of April 15.

“Rolling Stones Radio” last aired on SIRIUS during 2005 when the Rolling Stones released their album, A Bigger Bang.

Although SIRIUS has announced plans to keep “Rolling Stones Radio” on the air for about a month, there is the possibility that it could enjoy a longer life if there is enough demand for the channel. SIRIUS recently extended the life of the “E Street Radio,” a station dedicated to the music of Bruce Springsteen And the E Street Band.

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