Velvet Revolver May Back A Led Zeppelin Tour

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It’s been pretty quiet on the Led Zeppelin rumor patrol lately, but a new one has surfaced today that once again hints at the possibility of more action from the rock supergroup.

duff-mckagan Duff McKagan, bass player for Velvet Revolver is saying that they are in line to be the supporting act in the event of a Led Zeppelin tour. There was no word on why McKagan would say something like that and he did not offer any kind of explanation

You have to wonder why this kind of stuff is coming out if there is no serious talk of a Led Zeppelin tour. Hearing things like this is bound to keep hope alive in the hearts of many a Zeppelin fan.

What’s also interesting is something that Robert Plant was reported to have said recently. While in New York, Plant was asked about the possibility of a full-blown Zeppelin tour and he replied, “You never know what is around the corner.”

That’s certainly a more optimistic statement than another one he made recently.

I guess hope for a Led Zeppelin tour lives on.

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