Rolling Stones Ron Wood And Mick Jagger Making News

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The continuing saga of Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood continues to keep the British tabloids buzzing with sometimes conflicting reports of what’s going on in the 61-year-old rocker’s personal life.

image The latest is that Wood’s wife of 23 years has finally given up on their marriage due to Wood’s return to drinking after getting our of rehab. Then there’s the alleged affair with young Russian Ekaterina Ivanova.

It was reported that Wood was photographed while drinking with snooker player Ronnie O’Sullivan and artist Damien Hirst just days after leaving rehab, which may have been the final straw for wife Jo.

Another recent story claims that Wood is obsessed with Russian dolls and has been collecting them for years. He is said to have dozens of them stored in the attic of his London home.

Wood is also said to have run into Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr. earlier in the week at London’s Claridge’s hotel which resulted in an invitation from Downey for the two to get together and discuss their mutual struggles with alcohol.

Meanwhile, Stones frontman Mick Jagger is making news of his own. Although it may not be sensational enough to attract much attention from the tabloids, NME is reporting that Jagger met yesterday with officials from the EU as well as big wigs from Apple, EMI and eBay.

The issue revolves around the future of how digital music might be purchased online in the future. The report says that the Rolling Stones will have a role in the creation of a report regarding the methods by which music is currently being purchased online.

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