Ron Wood Works Towards Sobriety – Considers Marriage

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The drama that was Ron Wood’s life seems to have subsided. The Rolling Stones guitarist is said to be working hard to stay sober, and is “desperate to give up for good.” There’s some high-powered support for Wood, which is being credited as a great help to him.

Including on Wood’s support team are fellow Rolling Stone Mick Jagger, long-time friend and former Faces band mate Rod Stewart, as well as pop star Elton Jon. Jagger reportedly calls Wood regularly to check up on him, and offer encouragement.

Perhaps even more encouragement and support comes by way of Wood’s new girlfriend. Wood has been seeing 30-year-old Ana Arujo since around the beginning of the year, and it is said that the Brazilian beauty has had a very positive influence on his life. So positive in fact, that is is being reported by the Daily Express that Wood is considering marrying her.

Wood split not long ago from Ekaterina Ivanova, ending a tumultuous affair that certainly kept the two in the spotlight, and did not seem to do much good for Wood’s struggles with addiction. The affair ended after a particularly nasty fight between the two that resulted in the police being called to the scene.

In other Rolling Stones news, a recent story in Rolling Stone magazine quotes guitarist Keith Richards regarding the possibility of a new Stones album in the not-too-distant future.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we did some recording later this year,” Richards said. “I don’t know how the rest of them feel about roadwork at the moment. Maybe we’ll search for a different way for the Stones to go back on the road.”

In contrast to Ron Wood, Richards seems to have no problems with the relationship he has with alcohol. After rumors that he had given up drinking, Richards had this to say: “Listen, the rumors of my sobriety are greatly exaggerated. And we’ll leave it at that.”

Leaves little doubt why actor Johnny Depp chose Richards to model certain characteristics of his Pirates of The Caribbean character, “Captain Jack Sparrow” after Richards.


  1. Guilherme Rosa March 15, 2010 at 7:39 pm


    Sorry, I know that this post is about Ron Wood but I would like to ask you about some rumours that Supertramp is planning a world tour starting in October 2010. Some french sites (like ticketmaster here) have tickets on sale for the first concerts! Do you know something about it?

    • Real Rock News March 16, 2010 at 2:58 pm

      I’m aware that former member Rodger Hodgson is touring and is performing some Supertramp material, but I have heard nothing about a Supertramp tour. I suppose we can hope that something is in the works and see what happens.

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