Rush Hopes To Begin Work on New Album Next Year

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As the start date for the second leg of the Snakes & Arrows tour draws near, late word from Rush reveals that the group hopes to begin work on a new studio album next year.

A few days after Rush opens the tour in San Juan, Snakes & Arrows Live rush will be released on April 15. The new CD will feature some special treats like live performances of “Circumstances” and “Entre Nous” which had not been performed live previous to last year.

Later on in the year, a DVD will be available from the same show in Rotterdam where the material for the CD was recorded. The video footage was shot in HD, which is good news for HD snobs like myself.

Although the plans for the new album are not firm at this point, Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson reports that the group will probably take a break after the tour is finished and probably won’t be ready to work on any new material until the spring of next year.

For more on this story, check out Reuters.

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