Rush To Release Snakes & Arrows Live

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One of my favorite rock groups of all time, Rush, will be releasing a new live CD in early April. The material for this new CD was captured during “Part 1” of the Snakes & Arrows tour while they performed at the Ahoy Rotterdam arena in The Netherlands last October.

image The new live album is scheduled for release on April 8, which is just three days before “Part 2” of the Snakes & Arrows tour gets underway with a first-ever performance in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Rock radio listeners can also expect to start hearing the live version of the Snakes & Arrows Track “Workin’ Them Angels” beginning on March 10 when the single is released to rock radio stations nation-wide.

I’ve taken a little heat in the past about my lack of interest in live albums and I confess that I have not changed my ways. However, since Rush — as alluded to earlier — is perhaps my favorite rock group of all time, it’s nice to hear that they are coming out with a new CD. I’m quite happy with my studio version, but more power to all the Rush fans who are eager to get their hands on the live version.

I should also point out that my lack of interest in live albums does not reflect on my feelings with regard to attending a live performance. Listening to a live CD and being present at a live performance are vastly different experiences and I might grab the chance to go see Rush live when they pass through my neck of the woods this summer.

Rush is scheduled to be on the road at least into the end of July, which will complete an ambitious tour schedule that will take them to some cities that they have not visited for ten or more years.

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