Sammy Hagar To Kick Off 60-Stop Year Long U.S. Tour

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The tour will start on Hagar’s birthday at the site of his annual Cabo Wabo birthday bash in Mexico and finish up next summer on July 12 at Busch Stadium in St. Louis. Not exactly the most punishing tour schedule I have ever heard of but what the heck, he’s not a young guy any more. More power to him!

Sammy is also set to release a new single called Open, which will be released on July 2 to radio stations and also be available for download on iTunes.

The tour will feature an opening performance by Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony who will do some early Van Halen material and be followed by Los Tres Gusanos which will do some early Sammy Hagar stuff and then wrap up with Anthony joining Hagar to belt out some Van Halen numbers from the days when Sammy was fronting the band.

For my money, some of the best stuff that came from Van Halen was during the Hagar days. I still like most of the stuff from the band’s very first album a lot, but I was never a big David Lee Roth fan to begin with, and I think Hagar sings just as well and had the added benefit of adding another guitar to the mix, which made things a bit more interesting and freed Eddie Van Halen up to do more keyboard work.

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