Scorpions Perform ‘Loving Me To Death’ on German TV

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Fortunately for those of us who speak only English, groups like the Scorpions sing in our language. I guess we might consider English as the universal language of rock and roll.

Although I didn’t understand a word of the interviews and other commentary except for the occasional mention of “Deutschland,” the following video is probably worth checking out if you are a Scorpions fan because the segment that features them playing their single “Loving Me To Death” sounds pretty good.

Scorpions news site provided the pointer to the video as well as some news that the Scorpions are ranked as the 7th most successful German band of all time as measured by CD sales in Germany.

It would be interesting to see who ranks above them in that category since the Scorpions are so well known the world over. As they point out on, the Scorpions are probably the most successful German band when the rest of the world is factored in.

For English-only speakers that would rather get to the performance of “Loving Me To Death” and not try to decipher the German commentary,  jump ahead to about the 2 minute mark in the video.

For you Scorpions fans that speak German, enjoy the entire video!

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