Steven Tyler: I’m Not Leaving Aerosmith

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After weeks of speculation about the future of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler took to the stage with the the Joe Perry Project on Tuesday night at New York City’s Fillmore. As Perry was wrapping up his set with his band, Tyler surprised the crowd by appearing for a rendition of Aerosmith favorite “Walk This Way.”

Before cutting lose with the legendary hit, Tyler took a few seconds to address the audience and announce that he is not planning to leave Aerosmith. “New York I want you to know I am not leaving Aerosmith,” Tyler proclaimed. He then went on to refer to Joe Perry as “a man of many colors,” and to himself as a “rainbow.” I suppose it’s left to fans to figure out the meaning behind those words.

Perhaps Tyler is simply planning on some side projects, just as Joe Perry has been doing with his Joe Perry Project. Whatever his future plans are, the recent proliferation of rumors about his departure from Aerosmith seems to have prompted him to reassure fans that he plans to continue as a member of the group.

What actually went on behind the scenes between Tyler and the rest of the group is not known, but it apparently all came to a head following Tyler’s infamous fall from the stage during Aerosmith’s tour with ZZ Top this past summer. Speculation surfaced questioning Tyler’s sobriety, and was further fueled by a fan photograph of him inside a Massachusetts liquor store.

With the tour scrubbed due to Tyler’s injuries, other members – particularly Perry – spoke publicly about their disappointment over the cancellation of the tour, and hinted at disappointment with Tyler himself. Recent comments attributed to Tyler about his next project being all about “Brand Tyler” made it appear that he was further distancing himself from his Aerosmith band mates.

As of Tuesday night, all appears to be well in the world of Aerosmith again. Perhaps this will allow them to resume work on the new album that was planned for release next year, and who knows? Maybe another tour will follow and help patch things up a bit with disappointed fans.

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