Steven Tyler Mishap Halts Show At Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

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Medical issues continue to plague Aerosmith and I’m starting to wonder if the group has had some kind of curse placed on them or something.

In the most recent unfortunate episode, frontman Steven Tyler slipped and fell off a rain-slicked catwalk during a dance routine that was intended to entertain the crowd after the group’s sound system failed about half-way through their performance.

Tyler is reported to have landed on top of a couple of fans, and being that they were performing at the Sturgis motorcycle rally, let’s hope that Tyler toppled onto a couple of burly bikers. There was no report of injuries in the crowd, so perhaps that was indeed the case. On the other hand, if one had to pick a particular rock star to fall off the stage onto them, Tyler would not be a bad choice.

Tyler was airlifted to a local hospital but seemed to be in good spirits before he was whisked away, and was said to be joking with the doctor who was attending to him after the fall. The singer suffered neck and shoulder injuries but they are believed to be minor. It has been reported by Tyler’s daughter Mia that her dad is going to be OK.

This is the second time Tyler has been injured during a show during the current tour. Back in June, he tore a muscle in his leg while performing at the Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut which resulted in postponements for a number of shows while he recovered.

There is no word yet on whether this latest incident will interrupt the tour schedule again, but one certainly cannot fault Tyler for his efforts to entertain fans. Despite his age and other recent injuries, the energetic performer seems to be putting everything he’s got into his performances.

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