Tom Scholz Asks Huckabee To Stop Playing Boston Tune

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It’s certainly not new to see certain celebrities get in on the act during Presidential campaigns and the current campaign is no exception.

Boston’s Tom Scholz is no stranger to controversy. His disputes with fellow band members, and even their spouses, are well known and continue to this day. Now it seems he may be embroiled in one involving Presidential politics.

Apparently, Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee of Arkansas has been using one of Boston’s well-known hits during campaign appearances. Boston’s “More Than A Feeling” has been performed by Huckabee — who happens to be a bass player himself — and his band, “Capitol Offense.”

image Scholz is said to have fired off a letter to Huckabee asking him to stop using the song, although it appears that at least one former member of Boston does not agree.

Former Boston guitarist Barry Goudreau has appeared at campaign events with Huckabee and obviously has no problem with the former Arkansas Governor using Boston’s music.

It’s apparent that Scholz is not in line with Huckabee’s view of the world and wrote that “Boston has never endorsed a political candidate, and with all due respect, would not start by endorsing a candidate who is the polar opposite of most everything Boston stands for.”

Huckabee’s former New Hampshire campaign manager says Scholz is being “ridiculous” and that he has never heard Huckabee play “More Than A Feeling” except when Barry Goudreau was campaigning with him back in October.

Scholz maintains that Huckabee has been using “More Than A Feeling” as a “centerpiece” at rallies and that Barry Goudreau is identified in association with Boston as part of a Huckabee endorsement video.

For those interested in the political leanings of their favorite celebrities, it is not difficult to figure them out when they decide to get involved in political campaigns.

Personally, I wish more celebrities would keep their political views private since I find myself disappointed more often then not when I get wind of a particular celebrity’s political leanings.

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